Back in the Shit!

The Continuing Story

of the making of…

In 2017 I shot a bunch of test scenes and made a concept reel for an original film idea (Swamp Killer) taking place deep in the Florida swamps. That proof of concept went on to win many awards around the globe. I traveled to Colorado Springs and met with script guru Linda Seger for 2 days to develop a story. 

In 2018 I hired a publicist and set out to various film markets, including AFM in California and Fronteires’ in Montreal. I failed to raise the few million I needed so I launched an online biker store that went on to hit 6 figures. I was on my way when COVID struck and my suppliers’ factories in India and Pakistan closed, setting me back quite a bit. I proceeded to lick my wounds. 

In 2021 I launched a small production company with a focus on virtual productions. Armed with new knowledge of Unreal Engine (the system responsible for The Mandalorian), and new production gear and cinema camera (Black Magic Ursa G2), I grew my balls back and am now writing a script that will somehow incorporate the ton of footage I shot 5 years ago. This will be shot outside the studio (ie, self-funded). Check out the test trailer and scenes below, and more updates… 

More Scenes!...

June 2022 - Update

In revisiting the footage from 5 years ago, I decided to release a short film in Fall 2022. A few pick-up shots will be done from June through September.  And we’re updating the creature mask and wardrobe. 

Fabula/Syuzhet Structure will be used to tell the story.